Thursday, March 31, 2011

Record Store Day 2011

I love records. Therefore, I LOVE Record Store Day. This year Record Store Day falls on April 16th. This is only the 2nd year that I will be celebrating, but apparently it has been going on since 2007. I’m just a little late to the party (as usual). Are you?


Record Store day is celebrated on third Saturday of April and hundreds of independent record stores around the country (the world?) will be participating in the celebration. Record stores will be having parties, live performances and special RSD releases. Snacks Perhaps? Don't be greedy. One can only hope. All of this is meant to bring together the local music community and promote the (sadly dwindling) independent record store. In other words, Don’t expect Best Buy to have a party in their 1ft vinyl section, I mean shelf. (They better not anyway).

I could tell you all about it, or you could just go to and read all about it for yourself, and then I can get to my point.

I have two favorite record stores in Dallas/Fort Worth. One being Good Records on Greenville Ave in Dallas and the other is Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie.

Good Records recently announced their lineup of bands playing from 11am to 11pm plus tons of vinyl releases. To my surprise and delight they announced they will have the limited edition releases from my beloved Third Man Records.

You can you watch the guys at Third Man tell you about them here. Although, I wont make it to Nashville this year, I hope to pick up these releases at good old Good Records.

These types of swirly and rose petal limited edition releases are usually only available from the Third Man Records store in Nashville, TN (or by the luck of the draw with a random mail order). My hubby will undoubtedly be with me in line at 8am on Saturday at Good Records with bells on. After all, the drive into Dallas is a heck of a lot shorter than the one to Nashville.


Reissue of the White Stripes second single from 1998. Limited quantities available on white/black swirled vinyl.
7'' vinyl single, fold-over picture sleeve in poly bag

A Lafayette Blues 2:14
B Sugar Never Tasted So Good 2:55


Reissue of the White Stripes first ever release from 1998. Limited quantities available on red/black swirled vinyl.
7'' vinyl single, fold-over picture sleeve in poly bag

A Let's Shake Hands 2:03
B Look Me Over Closely 2:17


Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi/Jack White/Norah Jones. I'm excited for this one!

The debut release from the highly-anticipated ROME project produced by Danger Mouse in conjunction with Daniele Luppi. Jack White wrote the lyrics and sings on ''Two Against One'' and Norah Jones takes the vocal duties for ''Black.'' Many of the instrumentalists on the album recorded with Ennio Morricone for his classic spaghetti-Western soundtracks.



Custom made, clear vinyl single with peach-colored rose petals INSIDE the record.

A cover of the Lou Reed classic backed with an unbelievably visceral outtake from Elson's ''The Ghost Who Walks'' LP. Limited to 1000 copies.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My SXSW, TMR, Greenhornes Weekend

We were off to Austin. Y'all may wonder why?
To see a big yellow truck, this year at South By.

It was hard to reply, again & again
when asked what shows, we planned to attend.

There is not a show, I tried to explain
I could tell they were thinking, that I was insane.

A store on wheels, painted yellow and black
Selling vinyl and dreams, of a small glimpse of Jack.

It was Friday morning, with a road trip ahead
My sweet hubby driving, with his shoe full of lead.

We made it to town, in about record time
Drove 200 miles, then stood in line.

I was hot, I was happy, but mostly I was poor
After my stop at The Third Man Rolling Record Store.


We drove in that morning, and drove home that night
A one day adventure and it's over. Right?

Wait, not so fast! Although tired and worn,
We have tickets on Sunday, to see the Greenhornes!


Now back in Dallas, we head to Deep Ellum
To see the Greenhornes, and hopefully tell 'em

How much we appreciate, their talent, their band
Get all their autographs, and shake all their hands.

The boys were so gracious, and as cool as could be
When they signed our vinyl, then rocked our city


The weekend was over, and Monday morning came early
Four hours of sleep, but it was worth it... Really.

Can you imagine the perfect end to this tale?
My Third Man vault package arrived in the mail!


Me and LJ (Jack Lawerance) of the Greenhornes, Raconteurs and the Dead Weather

(you can watch this video to get a glimpse into the Third Man Rolling Record Store Experience)

March 18-20, 2011

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Black Gadgets than Faces

Today, Jack White stood in front of his newest innovation, the Third Man Rolling Record Store, during its debut appearance at South by Southwest. Surrounded by 300 fans with his famous yellow and black decor as a backdrop, Jack surprises his fans with a 2 song solo performance. 45 minutes before my phone starts to go crazy with Twitter posts from the Third Man sites. "Jack White debuts the Rolling Record store at noon, maybe something awesome will happen". Then, 40 minutes before the show, "4th and Colorado at Frank...Get here now, or forever regret it...".

I am in Fort Worth wishing I could transport myself instantly from my cubicle in Corporate America to the corner of 4th and Colorado in Austin on this Wednesday afternoon, as Jack is taking the stage (or more accurately, the parking lot).

"There's more black gadgets than faces", says Jack before he begins his first song. Typical Jack-style commentary referring to the number of people recording the show from their cell phones or cameras. I agree that people sometimes miss out on the experience, although physically present, in their desperate attempt to share the experience. However, I am forever grateful for those people who took video for You-Tube and posted pictures to Facebook. Even though I am handcuffed to my desk 200 miles away, I was able to *almost* experience it as though I was there. Almost.

The NPR footage is the best I have seen online. Here it is. Jack performing a Buddy Holly cover he simply calls "A Texas Song" followed by the White Stripes Song "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground". Jack's six minute mini set was followed by new Third Man Records recording artist SeaSick Steve who overcame some technical difficulties. I just hope Jacky boy is saving some surprises for Friday when I get there... Enjoy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hell on Wheels?

From my perspective, more like heaven. Jack White just might be rolling into your town. Literally.

Yesterday, Third Man Records unveiled the Third Man Rolling Record Store. According to the video posted by TMR on You-Tube, 97% of high school aged kids today have NEVER been to an independent record store. "Perhaps they couldn’t find one", they mused.

Say what you will about Jack White (I can only think of good things, but that’s just me), but one thing that can’t be denied is that he is innovative. Remember the Triple Decker Record from the Dead Weather?


How about scented vinyl from Karen Elson? Or the Greeting Card Fold packaging from Wanda Jackson? (You know, it plays music when you open the fold, just like a greeting card). Fans all over the world are chomping at the bit to get their hands on these limited edition vinyl releases, whether it be a split-color of a White Stripes re-issue or a hair record of the live performance of Reggie Watts at Third Man Record’s own venue. Yes, you read right. The Hair Record.


If you can’t make it to Nashville to stand in line at the Third Man Record Store for these types of releases, then you probably aren’t going to get one, unless you pay exorbitant prices on eBay. But, that is another blog topic all together.

Solution? Jack and team created the Third Man Rolling Record store. Can’t get to Nashville? Maybe the Third Man Record Nashville shop will come to you.

The Third Man Rolling Record Store, painted in the famous yellow and black, "is designed to reflect the look, feel and panache of the Third Man Records Nashville location", boasts a post on the TMR subscription service called The Vault. The retail store on wheels brags of two turntables and a microphone to play vinyl while you shop (Does Beck get a royalty check every time someone uses that phrase?). It has a high quality amplification system so bands can plug into the van from outside and play wherever the truck is parked. TMR is promising to keep it on the road regularly, from concerts to festivals to any other strange location you can think of...or so they threaten.

As your brain is trying to think of what strange locations they may be talking about, think of it like this: If the bookmobile is the nerdy kid in school, the Third Man Rolling Record Store is that cool musician guy that all the girls swoon over.

The Third Man Rolling Record Store is making its debut at the SXSW festival in Austin March 16-20th and is promising exclusive merchandise. I had no previous intentions to going to Austin this year for SXSW, but since the announcement, we are planning a road trip and an overnight stay to check it out. Luckily, I have a very patient husband who indulges me in this sort of thing. We won’t actually have wristbands for SXSW, we’ll likely just check out the TMR stuff and maybe some local events outside the festival. There are plenty of things to do and see around Austin next week-end that don't cost $200 a wrist.

Here it is, another innovation coming out of Third Man Records. I am excited to see where it will show up next, maybe at my house?

I wonder if it is available for Birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.

You can watch the video here:

Updated: SXSW TMR artist shows and RRS events:

Open daily from 12-5pm and 7-10pm. Here's a list of our scheduled locations:

March 16th - 4th and Colorado (next to Frank)

March 17th - Waterloo Records

March 18th - 4th and Colorado (next to Frank)

March 19th - Rainy St. and Driscoll

Here's where you can catch Third Man artists at SXSW:


Saturday, March 20

Rachael Ray's Feedback Day Party at Stubbs


Thursday, March 17

1:00pm - Waterloo Performance

1:15am - Domino/Emo's Jr. Performance

Saturday, March 19

7:00pm - Headlining the Consequence of Sound day party at Larimer Lounge


Wednesday, March 16

2:00 PM - eMusic Party @ Beauty Bar, 617 E. 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

Thursday, March 17

3:10 PM - Party @ 501 Studios, 501 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702

4:30 PM – Thrasher/Impose Magazine Party @ Scoot Inn, 1308 E. 4th St,

Austin, TX 78702

Friday, March 18

3:30 PM - Volcom Party @ Jackalope, 404 E. 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

10:00 PM - Vice/ Party @ Kiss N Fly, 404 Colorado St (@ 5th St),

Austin, TX 78701

Saturday, March 19

11:00 PM - Panache Booking Party @ The Mohawk, 912 Red River St, Austin, TX



Tuesday, March 15

12:00am - Frank

Wednesday, March 16

The Badlands (time TBA) | Elysium (SXSW Offical 12AM)

Thursday, March 17

Gueros (time 12PM) | Hole in the Wall (time 8PM)

Friday, March 18th

Habana Bar (SXSW Offical 1AM) | Peckerhead's (time TBA) | Red Eyed Fly (time



Tuesday, March 15

11:00pm - Panache Pre-SXSW Party At Scoot Inn, 1308 E. 4th Street (Inside


Wednesday, March 16th

4:45pm - AnSo SXSW Party At Spider House, 2908 Fruth Street

Thursday, March 19th

1:00pm - Brooklyn Vegan Day Party At Barbarella, 615 Red River Street

3:00pm - Strange Boys Party At Trailer Space, 401 Rosewood Avenue

12:00am - Pinpoint Music Unofficial Show At Lanai Rooftop Lounge, 422

Congress Avenue

Friday, March 18th

2:25pm - Stay Gold Show At The Eastern, 1511 E. 6th Street

4:30pm - My Old Kentucky Blog Party At Peckerheads, 402 E. 6th Street

7:45pm - Austin Psych Fest Show At Spider House, 2906 Fruth Street

Saturday, March 19th

3:30pm - Psychic Lunch At Spider House, 2906 Fruth Street

9:40pm - Panache Booking SXSW Showcase At Mohawk, 912 Red River Street

(Inside Stage)

Sunday, March 20th

3:30pm Panache Hangover Party At Beerland, 711 Red River Street

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