Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jack's Been Busy

Oh Jack. He never slows down. I haven’t written a blog since my almost-famous peppermint swirl cookies in December and before I know it I am behind on my blog writing because Jack is so busy, I can’t keep up. We are only 11 days into January. This guy just doesn’t stop.

First of all, Jack was on ‘American Pickers’ this week. What is that you ask? I had to ask, I don’t have cable. It is a reality based TV show on the History Channel that follows a couple of guys around the country who barter, trade and “pick” hidden treasures (aka valuable junk) that they eventually hope to resell for a profit. What the heck does Jack have to do with that? Well Jack happens to be a collector of things weird and one of those things is taxidermy. These guys bought a giant elephant head for just under 10K. They heard through the Nashville scene that Jack might be interested. After all, he even has an album named Elephant. They ship this enormous elephant head to Third Man Records for Jack to have a look. When they crack open the crate, you can see it all over Jack’s face. He is in love. “That is the weirdest looking giraffe I’ve ever seen,” he jokes. But Jack is not so quick to give up his cash. Who knew Jack was such a shrewd negotiator? I mean, besides me. He offers a trade + 6k for the elephant. He trades his first ever Juke Box from his days back in Detroit and also a vintage photo booth that was used in the ‘Hang You From The Heavens' Dead Weather video. I heard from an inside source that the Elephant’s name is Topsy. OK, I read that on the Third Man Records Website. I think both sides made out with a good deal. I’d personally much rather have Jack’s very own jukebox and the Dead Weather photo booth than a big ‘ol Elephant head. But that’s just me. In case you don’t have cable like me, or happened to miss it, you can watch the full episode on the History Channel here. All this Jack reality show talk has got me thinking. I have some ideas for some reality shows that Jack can star in. How about The Real Jack, Jack Rules, Making The Jack, Jack of Love, or even Jack Shore? Come’ on Jack. Give us a peek inside your mysterious world.

Secondly, in case you didn’t know, Jack is the king of strange collaborations. You remember, Insane Clown Posse last year? Strange. It was just announced the latest in the blue series is a Jack White produced 7” vinyl featuring Tom Jones. Jones rerecorded “Jezebel,” a track from his 2002 album Mr. Jones, and a cover of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Evil.” This will be available both as a 7" and on iTunes March 5th. Now I am not saying that a Jack White / Tom Jones collaboration is strange, maybe just a little unusual.

What's next Jack? Oh Wait, I know. An inside source told me that coming soon is Tempest Storm, the oldest burlesque dancer in the world. Well, actually I saw that when the American Pickers Cameras were inside Third Man Records.

Then, this week a new animated video was released for the song "Two Against One" from Danger Mouse & Italian film composer Daniele Luppi featuring Jack White on vocals. You can check it out here.

If that wasn't enough, I received my vault package #10 in the mail this week, the same week
they announce Vault #11.



So, I will spend the next several days listening to my new split color vinyl, watching my new DVD and wondering, but not for long, what Jack will come up with next.
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