Sunday, December 11, 2011

Peppermint Swirl Cookies

My peppermint swirl cookies are becoming a yearly tradition. This is the second year I have made them and I can already tell I'm getting better. I just buy sugar cookie dough and red and white icing. I printed a peppermint swirl from Pinterest that I could visually follow while icing the cookies:

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

This year when I was buying the icing I didn't pay attention to the tip of the icing package and the white icing needed a tip. I tried to use the white icing with no tip and it was a diaster. Since I am no Martha Stewart and I dont have things like icing tips laying around, I just made the red part of the swirls this year and didn't fill in with the white. I ate all my mistakes with the white icing. I think they still came out pretty cool! What do you think?

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Felt Jack & Meg

Before I jump into this story I need to warn you that I am completely craft deficient. I mean, completely. I have this desire to craft, but not the ability. I love PINTERST and am completely obsessed with these DIY projects that I come across, most of which I will never complete due to my complete lack of DIY skills. My theory is that God can't give you everything, or else one would just get a big head. So, He allows us to be lacking in some areas, to keep us humble. Crafting (and singing) are my weaknesses.

With that being said, I started to get some ideas. I saw this on Pinterest and to the naked eye it looks like a simple Santa and Mrs. Claus felt craft project, but all that I could see was Jack and Meg. It's probably all the red, white and black. You may remember my previous post about my desire for a Jack & Meg action figure. The wheels started turning...

Then, because I am obsessed, I was searching Etsy for Jack and Meg and I came across this:

I thought, "$26! really? for some felt?" I can do this for much less. I can do this.

Then, I came across (due to endless internet searches) this web site which offered templates for felt dolls and my mission began.

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought red, white and black felt. I got home and remembered that I was so craft deficient that I didn't even own a thread or needle. I needed to borrow some crafting supplies from my awesome neighbor, Amber. She lent me her sewing kit (which I incidentally depleted by the end of the project. I owe her).

I printed out the body templates and start on my "Jack"

One of the main reasons that I am so craft deficient is that I have ZERO patience. I just want things to be done and fast. It took FOREVER to cut out the body parts, stuff and sew them, then cut and sew the clothing and put them on. After a long period of time (especially for my impatience) I had a Jack Doll that was dressed. I was disappointed when I realized my so-called Jack looked just like Santa Claus. I certainly didn't just spend hours of my time making a Santa. My husband found this hilarious.


I added the hair. I figured this would make him look less like Santa. But when I added the hair, I thought he looked more like Santa Bob Marley than Jack White. But I pressed on.


I hoped that once I added the guitar things would start looking up. I found this guitar template online and reduce the size to meet my needs.

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

Once I added the guitar, somehow Bob Marley Santa started to resemble Jack White. I knew at this point that once I added Meg, the whole picture would come together.


When I made Jack I made the body first, then cut out the clothes to fit him. I realized it would be faster to just make the clothes and stuff them with cotton (I used cotton balls because that is all I had) and then just add the limbs. This is how I made Meg and it WAS faster and worked out just fine.

I started to make Meg, but got held up on her hair. It was a little harder than Jack's hair. The yarn just wasn't working. Then, Hubby who pretty much has no interest in my weird crafting project decided to pitch in and design Meg's hair. Yeah, he would probably rather that you not all know that. But I must give credit where credit is due. I used Hubbies template to cut out Meg's hair.

Then, of course, you cant have Meg without the Peppermint swirl base drum. I used this template (resized) to make Meg's famous drum head. I made the drum out of felt too and stuffed cotton balls inside. I was running out of thread (and patience) at this point so instead of sewing on the back of the drum (that no one would see), I just used hubbies spray adhesive to adhere a circle on the back to hold the cotton balls in. Hubby was turning out to be quite helpful!

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

I cut down some skewers to make Meg's drum sticks and this was the final result! I ultimately stitched Meg's drum to her hip, added hooks to their heads and hung them on the tree. These will be ornaments I will enjoy putting on the tree year after year.


While I urge you to not look too closely at the sewing quality, I am pretty darn proud of the outcome. They look so cute! Even if it did take me all day. There were so many things I did not get done (like cleaning the house or running) because this project took over my day. Now that I am finished, I understand the $26 price tag attached to the Etsy felt Jack and Meg. Even though the supplies for my project cost about $3 for felt, borrowed sewing kit and already owned cotton balls, spray adhesive and wooden skewers, I dont think I would sell mine for any price!


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