Monday, December 24, 2012

A Surprise White Stripes Christmas.

I am so surprised!  Hubby has been talking to this artist named Micheal Quinn in Ireland since March, planning this gift for Christmas, a painting of my favorite band, The White Stripes. 

There is a You Tube video of it being painted.  What a shock.  Hand painted in Ireland especially for me.  The artist is really talented.  You should follow his Facebook page, MQuinnArt.

You can check out the time lapse of the artist creating this White Stripes painting on You Tube.  To me, it was extra special that I could watch the painting being created.

We decided we were not gong to exchange presents this year.  We didn't need to spend the money.  Neither of us needed anything.  We are blessed with more than we could ever need and just about everything we want.  No presents.  Except I didn't know he had been planning this gift for me since March of this year.

I had no clue at all, except in October he called me at work and asked me what was my favorite White Stripes song.
"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground. Why?"
"Just wondering," he responded.
I was suspicious, because I knew hubby wasn't just sitting around pondering my favorite song, but I had no idea.  NO.IDEA.

Notice what song is playing in the background in the You Tube video.

After dinner on Christmas Eve, he posted the time lapse video from You Tube on my Facebook page.  He said he watched me from around the corner as I watched it on my phone.  I thought it was a really cool video.  I was amazed at the talent of the artist.

A few minutes later he came in the room carrying the canvas.  I couldn't believe it.  I literally fell on my knees in tears when I realized the painting was made just for me, that hubby spent the better part of the year working with the artist all the way in Ireland to give me this gift.

What a shock and surprise.  Thank you to my sweet husband for making another Christmas special beyond belief.  Love you boog.


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