Sunday, December 11, 2011

Peppermint Swirl Cookies

My peppermint swirl cookies are becoming a yearly tradition. This is the second year I have made them and I can already tell I'm getting better. I just buy sugar cookie dough and red and white icing. I printed a peppermint swirl from Pinterest that I could visually follow while icing the cookies:

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

This year when I was buying the icing I didn't pay attention to the tip of the icing package and the white icing needed a tip. I tried to use the white icing with no tip and it was a diaster. Since I am no Martha Stewart and I dont have things like icing tips laying around, I just made the red part of the swirls this year and didn't fill in with the white. I ate all my mistakes with the white icing. I think they still came out pretty cool! What do you think?

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Felt Jack & Meg

Before I jump into this story I need to warn you that I am completely craft deficient. I mean, completely. I have this desire to craft, but not the ability. I love PINTERST and am completely obsessed with these DIY projects that I come across, most of which I will never complete due to my complete lack of DIY skills. My theory is that God can't give you everything, or else one would just get a big head. So, He allows us to be lacking in some areas, to keep us humble. Crafting (and singing) are my weaknesses.

With that being said, I started to get some ideas. I saw this on Pinterest and to the naked eye it looks like a simple Santa and Mrs. Claus felt craft project, but all that I could see was Jack and Meg. It's probably all the red, white and black. You may remember my previous post about my desire for a Jack & Meg action figure. The wheels started turning...

Then, because I am obsessed, I was searching Etsy for Jack and Meg and I came across this:

I thought, "$26! really? for some felt?" I can do this for much less. I can do this.

Then, I came across (due to endless internet searches) this web site which offered templates for felt dolls and my mission began.

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought red, white and black felt. I got home and remembered that I was so craft deficient that I didn't even own a thread or needle. I needed to borrow some crafting supplies from my awesome neighbor, Amber. She lent me her sewing kit (which I incidentally depleted by the end of the project. I owe her).

I printed out the body templates and start on my "Jack"

One of the main reasons that I am so craft deficient is that I have ZERO patience. I just want things to be done and fast. It took FOREVER to cut out the body parts, stuff and sew them, then cut and sew the clothing and put them on. After a long period of time (especially for my impatience) I had a Jack Doll that was dressed. I was disappointed when I realized my so-called Jack looked just like Santa Claus. I certainly didn't just spend hours of my time making a Santa. My husband found this hilarious.


I added the hair. I figured this would make him look less like Santa. But when I added the hair, I thought he looked more like Santa Bob Marley than Jack White. But I pressed on.


I hoped that once I added the guitar things would start looking up. I found this guitar template online and reduce the size to meet my needs.

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

Once I added the guitar, somehow Bob Marley Santa started to resemble Jack White. I knew at this point that once I added Meg, the whole picture would come together.


When I made Jack I made the body first, then cut out the clothes to fit him. I realized it would be faster to just make the clothes and stuff them with cotton (I used cotton balls because that is all I had) and then just add the limbs. This is how I made Meg and it WAS faster and worked out just fine.

I started to make Meg, but got held up on her hair. It was a little harder than Jack's hair. The yarn just wasn't working. Then, Hubby who pretty much has no interest in my weird crafting project decided to pitch in and design Meg's hair. Yeah, he would probably rather that you not all know that. But I must give credit where credit is due. I used Hubbies template to cut out Meg's hair.

Then, of course, you cant have Meg without the Peppermint swirl base drum. I used this template (resized) to make Meg's famous drum head. I made the drum out of felt too and stuffed cotton balls inside. I was running out of thread (and patience) at this point so instead of sewing on the back of the drum (that no one would see), I just used hubbies spray adhesive to adhere a circle on the back to hold the cotton balls in. Hubby was turning out to be quite helpful!

Source: via Lea on Pinterest

I cut down some skewers to make Meg's drum sticks and this was the final result! I ultimately stitched Meg's drum to her hip, added hooks to their heads and hung them on the tree. These will be ornaments I will enjoy putting on the tree year after year.


While I urge you to not look too closely at the sewing quality, I am pretty darn proud of the outcome. They look so cute! Even if it did take me all day. There were so many things I did not get done (like cleaning the house or running) because this project took over my day. Now that I am finished, I understand the $26 price tag attached to the Etsy felt Jack and Meg. Even though the supplies for my project cost about $3 for felt, borrowed sewing kit and already owned cotton balls, spray adhesive and wooden skewers, I dont think I would sell mine for any price!


Friday, November 18, 2011

A White Stripes Christmas!

It's going to be a White Stripes Christmas! But isn't it always, you ask? I love this time of year, peppermint swirls are everywhere! Have you been inside a Pier 1 or Hobby Lobby lately?

peppermint swirl dreams inside of Hobby Lobby

My husband likes to remind me that Jack White doesn't hold a patent on all peppermint swirls. But in my mind, he does. Every year when I buy peppermint swirl designed products, I am really buying White Stripes wrapping paper, gift bags, tree ornaments and more! I even bake White Stripes sugar cookies! What would Christmas be without the White Stripes?

my "White Stripes" cookies in 2010. You can check out my 2011 versions here

When Third Man Records announced their holiday releases 'Winter Bounty', I wasn't sure whether to curse Jack White or to thank him. He continues to put out more must-have vinyl than a reasonable responsible adult should spend during a season that is generally slated for giving, not buying crap for yourself. But who here is a reasonable responsible adult?

Without further ado, here are the offerings from Third Man Records. The White Stripes, most which have been previously out of print:

The Big Three Killed My Baby/Red Bowling Ball Ruth (TMR117) look what BABIES Jack & Meg were!

Lord, Send Me an Angel / You’re Pretty Good Looking (Trendy American Remix) (TMR118)

Candy Cane Children/Reading of the Story of the Mag / Silent Night (TMR071)


Hello Operator / Jolene (TMR067)


Now, just in case you were thinking that you were getting off easy with just a hand full of 7"s (not too expensive), Jack had to go ahead and offer more crap to add to your holiday wish list. And by crap of course, I mean awesome goodies!


The Revolution portable record player

Heavy-duty custom 45 box for carrying all of your favorite 7-inch records.

Third Man-branded custom vinyl cleaning kit

Third Man Records iPhone case with component parts made from real vinyl records!

6' Flat auxiliary audio cable by Griffin with custom Third Man Records print

You can check out all the goodies, details and release dates on the Third Man Records website.

..and its not all about the White Stripes. No Sir. TMR is also releasing this holiday season:

Edgar Oliver's "In The Park" "Hunger and Light" (TMR121).

John C. Reilly will release not one but TWO Third Man singles in November

John & Tom: "Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar" / "Lonesome Yodel Blues #2" (TMR112)

Becky & John's "I'll Be There If You Ever Want" / "I'm Making Plans" (TMR113)

Dear Santa...

Yes. Thank you.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I almost got kicked in the face by a Supersucker and other Rock 'n Roll stories

I only ever had one Supersuckers album: How the Supersuckers became the Greatest Rock Band in the World. All this time (I'm talking 10 years), I just thought it was just one great album. Russ told me tonight after the show that this is a compilation album of their greatest hits. No wonder every song on that album rocked. Russ was a fan and transferred this album to my iPod years ago. It has been on semi-regular rotation on my playlist ever since.


I somehow got on a mailing list of upcoming local concerts and received an email that alerted me that the Supersuckers were playing a Fort Worth show in October. First of all, touring rock bands generally don't play Fort Worth. Rock bands almost always opt for Dallas. Secondly, it was on the night of Russ' birthday and I thought it would be a fun birthday gift. Since we generally don't like leaving the house after dark (we're old) or crowds of people, but we still like live music and celebrating birthdays, it was a nice compromise. The show was at a small venue, close to home at Lola's in Fort Worth. Lola's is a very small venue, as in 300 people capacity. Russ has played there before when he was drumming for the Blarney Street Hooligans. I was excited to see a band that I liked in such an intimate setting.

The Supersuckers proclaim themselves to be The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band in the World. While I love their confidence, I wonder if that sort of bravado would work for me. Lea G: Greatest Technical Developer in the World! Yes, it works! I'm updating my resume.

Russ and I and our friend (Super)Dave ate birthday sushi on 7th street before heading over to Lola's on 6th for the show. We get there about 9pm as the opening band is taking the stage. Russ buys his obligatory concert t-shirt as we wait it out for the main attraction. Let me first say that when the guys from the Supersuckers walked in the front door, I knew instantly they were with the band. They have a tattooed, trailer-trash, country yet rock 'n roll, hillbilly style which is not all that uncommon in Fort Worth. However, the band had a more polished (read: richer?) country-trash look that distinguished them from the real folk of say, Haltom City (no offense intended to the fine residents of Haltom City). I describe their look as I-used-to-be-trailer-trash-but-then-I-got-semi-famous-so-I'm-not-living-in-a-trailer-anymore-but-I-still-want-to-look-like-the-part-for-the-music-and-I-still-want-to-look-cool-so-I-do-that-by-wearing-sunglasses-at-night-in-a-dark-room. You could spot it a mile away. I'm just stating the facts as I see them folks.

During the opening bands, two very obnoxious, very drunk dancing girls reminded us why we usually opt to stay home. Why do we not go out much? Oh yeah, That's why. Way to ruin the experience for everyone, girls.

The band takes the stage about 11pm (way past my school-night bedtime on a Wednesday night, BTW). The band reminded us, in case we forgot, that they are indeed the greatest rock band in the world. We cheer because we want to, but also because they blatantly ask us to. This band really knows how to channel the energy of the crowd.

up close and personal

They put on a great show. Dirty, country, trailer trash, fast, punk rock 'n roll at its finest. The songs sounded as good as or better than I remember from the album. They played a mix of old favorites and some new songs, even if they didn’t play the one song I wanted to hear. They are performers for sure, playing to the crowd. Honest music with a definite tongue-in-cheek delivery. They ended almost each song with a dramatic vertical string instrument pose, there was much (what I call) synchronized jumping and kicking (more on that later) and they were actively encouraging the rock horns hand gesture from the crowd.

The show stopper however, was this little kid in the audience, sitting atop his parents shoulders right in the front. Let's just assume this was an all ages show, because this kid was probably 5 or 6. I didn’t check his ID. He was the cutest thing wearing these big headphones (I assume to protect his still developing eardrums) and the smallest Supersuckers t-shirt I have ever seen. His parents clearly coached him with the rock-on hand gesture and he stole the attention away from the stage all night long. As the guitar player would approach the front of the stage for a guitar solo, the boy would reach out his two little fingers (pointer and pinky of course) and touch the guitar with them. Even the band couldn’t take their eyes off or stop smiling at this kid. The shining moment for the kid was at the end of the show when the drummer, Scott Churilla, went off on this amazing extended drum solo. The kid stood on the side of the stage and did an intense air drumming solo, flailing his arms and body all over the place. I don’t think anyone was watching Scott anymore. Good thing we could look at the kid, but still hear and appreciate the amazing drumming of this guy. I'm sure this boy will have lots of stories for his pre-school class the next day about his night spent at a bar, probably littered with F-bombs that he learned coming from the stage all night. The kid was super adorable and entertaining, but these parents aren’t winning any parent-of-the-year awards. But seriously, the Supersuckers should bring this kid on tour with them.

The band ends the night with a speech about not insulting the crowds intelligence by pretending to play the last song, leave the stage, then wait for cheering in order to come out and play the real last song or two (you know, like they do at pretty much every concert everywhere). He said we would save 5 minutes by skipping the charades and they would have time to play an extra song. Way to be honest and efficient with your rock ‘n roll boys! This is when things got kind of rowdy. You HAVE to expect at almost any rock show, if you stand in the front you are going to get knocked around a bit. It is just a fact. If you are old like me and are not really into leaving concerts with bruises, then you have to stand somewhere else. Up until this point it was relatively calm. I maintained my front row status with no trouble until about the last 3 songs. That’s when the moshing started. On a side note, when did moshing become such a mainstream thing, didn’t it used to be almost exclusive to heavy-metal and hard-core? These days, I swear people will mosh to John Mayer. But I digress.

Now my sweet protective hubby stood behind me and was pro-actively pushing away the oncoming moshers in order to protect his wife, but I was still being pressed-hard right into the stage. I was actually maintaining my balance by leaning into the floor monitors on the stage. Now, if this would have been in the beginning of the show I would have been out of there (so fast) to the comfort of a bar stool in the back of the room, but I knew this was the last song or two so I was hanging tough. This is when I almost got kicked in the face by a Supersucker. Remember the synchronized kicks I talked about earlier? Well, my entire upper body was being pushed forward, well onto the stage. The band did a unison kick to accent a note and I saw a giant black cowboy boot coming right for my face. Maybe I’m exaggerating and the objects were not as close to my face as they appeared, but I ducked just in case. I managed to leave the show unscathed.

The Supersuckers perform like they believe they are the greatest rock 'n roll band in the world and gosh darn-it, they make you believe it too (even if just for that hour and a half).

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cold War Kids - September 15th - Gilley's Dallas

The Cold War Kids kind of crept up on me. They spoke to me in place deep inside my soul when I wasn’t really paying attention. A couple of years ago, I was listening to one of those internet radio stations where you put in your favorite band and they play songs from your band plus suggestions of other bands you may enjoy. If you don’t know my favorite bands by now, your assignment is to go read my back blogs and get up to speed. That day when I first heard “We Used to Vacation” I was only listening on a subconscious level, my mind was fully concentrating on whatever work I was into at the time. The song was probably half the way through before it came to the surface of my thoughts. Wow! Those powerful vocals and lyrics wrapped up in the subdued style of the song hooked me right away. I downloaded the album, Robbers and Cowards, but It was one of those albums that didn’t speak to me on a conscious level at first. I found myself skipping through the tracks when I tried to listen to it. The strange thing is that when these same songs came up in the mix on my iPod, when I wasn’t really paying attention, they almost always stopped me in my tracks. They were the kind of songs that instantly whisked me away from my faraway thoughts, bringing me right back to reality. It turned into one of those albums that the more you listen to it, the more captivated you become.

Then, earlier this year the Cold War Kids released a new album called "Yours is Mine". I bought the vinyl when it came out and downloaded the album. The Cold War Kids even played a show and recorded a live album at my favorite music venue (that I have never been to), the Third Man Records live venue in Nashville. Jack apparently likes the CWK too. So, when I happened across an internet posting that they were coming to Dallas to tour for the new album, I called up my favorite concert buddy and we bought tickets.

Doors at 8. Opening band at 9. CWK’s at 10:15. On a school night mind you, but I am tough, I can do it. It was refreshingly cool this evening. The brutal summer temperatures are becoming a thing of the past as the cool autumn nights start to creep in. The show was at small venue called Gilley’s, but it was ticketed as Southside Music Hall, which is in the same building as the bigger Palladium Ballroom. Confused yet? Yeah, so were we. We were relieved after seeing the giant line of people waiting to get into the Palladium to see Bright Eyes, that the entrance to Gilley’s was “around back.” A short walk down a scary dark alleyway and we were in.

They checked my ticket, swiped my ID at the door and gave me a wrist band that was printed with my name and the words “unspecified venue”. Apparently, I was not the only one confused about the venue name. They don’t even know themselves. At least I had my name printed on my wrist in case I forgot who I was. It was also printed with a big 21. It's been quite a few years since I have been Lea, 21.


We arrived just in time. The opening band had just started playing their first note. We walked in the door and took our places in the front, stage right. I think I am going to stop making comments about opening bands now because I am always seem to say things like, "no disrespect intended to the opening band, but...." They are almost never good. That's all I have to say about the opening band.

The Cold War kids take the stage and I immediately realized that I didn't know what to expect, as far as band image. I was slightly surprised that this man, that I only knew by his soulful voice from the albums, was wearing a short sleeve oxford button down shirt tucked into his khaki pants. He looked more like an IT guy from my office than someone about to rock the night. Then he admitted he was drinking white wine. Preppy or not, by the end of the night, Nathan Willet brought the emotional intensity of a bonafide rock star.

The show was amazing. The Cold War Kids have mastered the art of dynamics in music. They begin with a mellow sing-songy low key style until the song inevitably breaks into a passionate wailing chorus, which begs for audience participation. The songs are catchy, the chorus' are shoutable. Low intensity, high intensity, low intensity, repeat. This band knows how to capture the energy of the crowd. They delivered.

The song writing is seriously killer. Who else writes songs about being on death row (Saint John), kids of divorce (Sensitive Kid), being an alcoholic father (We Used to Vacation), stealing from the church offering (Passing the Hat) and being in the hospital with no chance of recovery (Hospital Beds) almost all in first person perspective? The Cold War Kids do. I leave each of these songs believing Nathan Willett has experienced each of these things personally, he is so convincing in his passionate delivery.

I got home at 1am, stole a few hours of sleep before the morning alarm reminded me of my work day responsibilities. I was tired in the morning and the next day at work, but it was totally worth it.

The next night our friends asked us if we wanted to go out to a piano bar downtown. What do I look like? I'm in my 20's? I can't go out two nights in a row!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

News Flash: Jack White Doesn't Care What You Think.

This shouldn't be surprising. He never has. Not since the beginning. Not since he and his "big sister" Meg started playing together all those years ago, way before he was famous. It is kind of why we love him. He has said in interviews that he never thought anyone would like the music he was making, he was doing it because it made him happy. He didn't care when you thought he should be making another White Stripes album instead of working with the Raconteurs or playing drums with the Dead Weather. That worked out OK, right? We love Jack for being unpredictable and always doing the unexpected. You can't hate him for the same reasons you love him.

We should look at it as a good thing that he is still, after all these years, not pandering to anyone and doing exactly what he wants. I'll admit that when I first learned the news that my music hero, Jack White, was producing a single for Insane Clown Posse, I had a mix of emotions. I was confused, shocked and yes, a little disappointed. Jack does a lot of collaborations, but nothing like this. ICP are probably the most absurd, vulgar, raunchy, clown-faced (literally), no-talent rappers I've ever seen (to put it nicely). I have to admit, I haven't even listened to it yet. I can't bring myself to do it. After all, we are talking about ICP. There is pretty much no way I'm going to like it. I think ICP's Violent J said it best himself in an interview with MTV news, "He's one of the most respected musicians today, and we're one of the most non-respected musicians today."

Bottom line is Jack is having fun. Jack knows ICP is not going to be received well by his core fan base and cause an internet uproar. Jack knows a lot of people won't get the joke. I'm sure Jack also knows his collaboration with ICP is not musical gold. Jack is a marketing genius with a sense of humor.

Just like anything else, if you don't like it, don't buy it. I wont be buying it. I am a Jack White fanatic, but that doesn't mean I'll blindly buy anything he puts his name on. Not even if TMR offers limited edition colored vinyl in random mail orders. Tempting, but no.

I say, get over it. Jack is having fun, and doing exactly what he wants to do. That doesn't make him any less of a musician or a producer. He's the same boy we've always known.

If you want to hear the song, even before I do, you can go to the Third Man Records Web site. Be warned, this song is not suitable for work or children or people with ears. Just kidding about that last part.

Now, this promo posted by the TMR folks on YouTube just proves it's all in good fun. Calm yourselves people.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Your Top Five Favorite Bands: Challenge Accepted Granada Theater

When the Granada Theater reached out to their fans and asked for blog post submissions on our top five favorite bands, I couldn’t resist the temptation to participate in two of my favorite activities; blogging and talking about Jack White. I wondered if Granada would hold it against me that three of my five favorite bands have Jack White as a member. I wondered if it would matter that the fourth band was closely related to Jack White. Lastly, I am still wondering as I type this, which band I will write about for my 5th favorite band. Lucky for you, Jack White collaborations don’t count as a band, or my list could go to 100.

The White Stripes: Remember the good old days? Back when Jack and Meg were making music together? I fell in love with this band from the moment I heard “Fell in Love with a Girl” on the radio back in 2001. I fell in love with Meg’s ponytails and Jack’s red and black split colored pants. I fell in love with peppermint swirls and childhood innocence and amicable divorce. Most of all, I fell in love with Jack’s interpretation of the blues, his guitar, his passion. I fell back in love with rock ‘n roll. When Jack and Meg announced their split this year a little part of rock music died, but Jack and Meg will live on in my heart and on my turntable forever.

The Raconteurs: Never fear. Several years before Jack and Meg called it quits, Jack was already dabbling in a so-called side project, the Raconteurs. Together with his old friends Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler, Jack proves that he can wear other colors than red, white and black. He has even been seen wearing (gasp!) green. Shocking, I know. Jack shares the vocal responsibility with talented singer and songwriter, Brendan Benson. The rhythm section consists of bass player extraordinaire, Jack Lawrence and drumming chops miester Patrick Keeler. After taking some time off since their last album, they have been announcing festival appearances around the country this Fall. I'm still crossing my fingers for a yet unannounced Texas show.

The Dead Weather: Since the man is nothing short of obsessed with the number three, it really shouldn’t surprise you that Jack is also a member of a third band. The Dead Weather’s image is the polar opposite of the candy cane childish presentation of the White Stripes, but the core of the band is rooted in the same place, the blues. The music is dark, bluesy, passionate, and addicting.

Jack wears all black this time, taking his place behind the drums, leaving the lead vocals to everyone’s (well, at least mine) favorite bad-ass girl next door, Alison Moshart (of the Kills).

When they rolled into Dallas in 2009 and Austin 2010, all four members of The Dead Weather (Alison, Jack, Jack Lawrence, and Dean Fertita) put on an intense live show, blowing me away. The most amazing part for me was Alison’s ability to make me forget Jack White was even on the stage. Now, that’s stage presence.

The Kills: Speaking of Alison Moshart, I bring you my next favorite band, the Kills. I should get double bonus blog points from Granada Theater for this choice, because I saw VV and Hotel (Alison & Jamie Hince respectively) this past April at their fine venue. I learned about the Kills because of the Dead Weather, but quickly got up to speed on their studio albums since 2003. I dare you to listen to the album “Midnight Boom” and not instantly become in a good mood. There is nothing not to love about their stripped down, catchy, poppy, punky style. Then, they changed it all up again when they released "Blood Pressures" this year. It was the same VV and Hotel that we have grown to love, but a deeper and more mature sound . You have to listen to it to understand.

(The Kills at Granada Theater in April 2011)


(Frantically scrolling my iPod for my 5th favorite band), and the winner is....

The Cold War Kids: The song writing in this band is seriously killer. Who else writes songs about being on death row (Saint John), kids of divorce (Sensitive Kid), being an alcoholic father (We Used to Vacation), a homeless man stealing from the church offering (Passing the Hat) and being in the hospital with no hope of recovery (Hospital Beds), almost all in first person? I leave all of these songs believing Nathan Willett has experienced each of these things personally. He is so convincing in his passionate delivery. I have to admit (at first) they were one of those bands that had to 'grow on me', but now I can't even express to you how these songs speak to my soul. I highly recommend "Robbers & Cowards" and their new album "Mine is Yours". I wrote a blog about their last show in Dallas. You can check it out here.

Honorable mention:

Cake: They mainly won the spot because in compared to the many other hundreds of bands that I love and admire, I have been a fan of Cake for nearly 15 years. They win the longevity award. Who doesn't love a band that uses the vibra-slap excessively? In my humble opinion, "Prolonging the Magic" in 1998 was their peak, but I have been thoroughly enjoying John McCrea's monotone vocal delivery for years. Then there are the trumpets, I love the trumpets.

OK Granada Theater, I accepted your challenge. Now I have a challenge for you: Let's get Jack White to Granada Theater!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Boneless One - Overground Project, Tribute To Jeff Phillips

Skateboarding has been something that has constantly been in my peripheral view for the last 13 years or so, since I started my life with Russ. He has a passion for skateboarding that has followed him his whole life. As a teenager and young adult he was a sponsored skateboarder by Zorlac Skateboards and Deadbolt trucks. As he got older and the concrete got harder, the actual skateboarding gave way, but the skateboard scene never did. In our house, there are skateboard videos playing the background, skateboard magazines on the coffee table, decks on the walls in the man cave and he even threatens to build a mini ramp in our back yard. Although the days of board slides down steep stair rails are gone for him, his love and passion for the sport is not.

I'm the one that came across 'Boneless One - Overground Project, Tribute to Jeff Phillips' on the internet. I won't pretend that I knew who Jeff Philliips was at that time. I saw there was a local skateboarding event with some pretty big names and I sent it to Russ, "Are we going to this"? After all, Russ has stood in long lines and drove hundreds of miles for my passions, the least I could do was support him in his.


Turns out the Overground Project is a new private skate park in South Dallas owned by legendary professional skateboarder Mike Crum and his partner, carpenter and skater, Oliver Bradley.


The event was a tribute to Jeff Phillips. Jeff Phillips was a local professional skater who took his own life at age 30 in 1993. The proceeds from the event benefited the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas. Pro-Skaters from around the country were flying into Dallas, TX for the event: Jake Brown, Christian Hosoi, Pat Duffy, PLG, Neal Hendrix, Chris Gentry, Darren Naverette, and many more. Although some of these names may not be household names outside of the scene, in the skateboard community these guys are rock stars. These are the guys that Russ grew up admiring, that inspired him as a kid. These are the guys featured in the magazines, starring in the videos, competing in the X-Games and Dew Tour. Some of these pros he has been following for 20 years.

When Russ heard about the event he called up Mike Crum. He wanted to help. He offered to donate an alarm system (from his own business) to the skate park as his way as giving back to the community that gave so much to him. When he showed up last week to install the alarm system, he ended up donating his time as well, to help prepare for the upcoming event. He met Neal Hendrix who used his professional skateboarding career and the world travel that it provided to feed another one of his passions, photography. Russ spent the afternoon helping Neal hang his photography that would be showcased during the event in an art show. I liked what Neal said on his Facebook page about his photography "My creative passion crystallized: looking through a lens is no longer about documenting the places that I've skateboarded, but about capturing moments in the lives of people who live so differently from me, who get through their day in unusual ways, and who have never even seen a skateboard."

(Neal Hendrix Photography)

As we arrived late morning on May 28th, they were putting the finishing touches on the giant Vert ramp that was built for the event. I read somewhere it was 13 ft. It seems much bigger than that (Russ said he thought it was 13ft transitions). Then I read somewhere else it was 50ft but that didn't seem accurate either. I'm just gonna go with it was huge.


Inside a warehouse was the tribute to Jeff Phillips. They displayed his pro model boards, featured pictures of him skating on the wall and had a photo slide show.

The other end of the warehouse was the Neal Hendrix photography, sponsored by Vans. They were selling prints of his photography, which we purchased and he was kind enough to autograph for us.


The real action was outside on the vert ramp. As typical on a late May afternoon, the temperature was just under 100 degrees. Welcome to Texas! Thank goodness the event was sponsored by Vitamin Water, so there was plenty of free hydration available. We watched from the bottom looking up as the pro's took the ramp on this hot and windy afternoon. Its amazing the things these guys can do with a board. I think the art and athleticism of the sport are often underrated.

(Pro Skater PLG on the Vert ramp)

We spent most of the afternoon in the Texas heat watching the guys tear up the vert ramp. We both had a great time and Russ got to shake hands with many of the pro skaters he admired.

(Pro Skater Pat Duffy hanging out on the mini ramp)

It was a fun afternoon that demonstrated the tight knit skateboarding community. These guys came in all over the country to pay a tribute to one of their own, to support a good cause and a local charity.


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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Kills - Granada Theater - April 19th 2011

The concert experience sure has changed over the years. When I say that, I am not just referring to the fact that by the end of the night, unlike even 10 years ago, I want to cut my feet off from the pain and go into emergency back surgery. And although I usually hold my tongue, I feel the great desire to lecture an underage girl on proper behavior in public situations, "If you can't behave like an adult in adult situations, then perhaps you should go home and go to bed early (without dinner)". Gosh, when did I get so old?

The Kills concert! I bought pre-sale tickets to attend the show at the Granada Theater in Dallas earlier this year, so I've been anxiously waiting for this concert for months. I happen to adore Alison Mosshart and looking forward to the opportunity to see her perform again. I've seen her twice with the Dead Weather and I know if someone can steal most of my attention AWAY from Jack White on stage, that she must have some serious stage presence. I would find myself forgetting Jack was there. Forgetting Jack? Me? Yes. She is that good. She is like the girl-next-door rock star. She seems so down to earth and sweet but a total bad-ass at the same time.


When I bought my pre-sale tickets they informed me I would receive a free poster that I could pick up at the merch table at the show. I knew I didn't have a chance in hell in getting another of my posters on the man-cave wall (I'm starting to take over), but I was excited non-the-less.

Doors are at 7. Tornado warning for our county until 10pm. Great. I leave work a few minutes early and rush home in the golf sized ball hail to get ready. Big decisions. Wash hair? Or hat and ponytails? Easy decision if you ever seen a picture of me online. Hat it is. I rush to Dallas during rush hour in the rain to pick up my friend and head over to the venue.

We walk into the Granada theater just as the doors open at 7. I make a bee-line to the merch table to claim my free poster. I give the guy my ID and spot my name on the "list" as he checks it off. Then, he hands me 4 stickers. Wait, did it say post-ER or post-IT? I asked the guy and he shrugged his shoulders. Oh well, It's not the poster I was promised, but I'll be happy with my free stickers that look like a Polaroid.

(my sticker)

We get as close to the stage as possible and plant our feet in cement. About 2 rows of people back on the main floor, we have pretty good positioning. Now we wait. As Tom Petty said, Waiting is the hardest part. The Granada had an entertaining movie screen showing videos of interesting upcoming concerts to help pass the time. The other thing they did that I found entertaining, but caused a permanent cramp in my neck, is they posted the @granadatheater Twitter feed on a big screen stage left. Talk about new concert experiences. Even 5 years ago, you wouldn't see this type of thing. Give an open forum to a bunch of people to post their every thought on a big screen in a little room and you get a combination of funny, disgusting and lame, but almost always entertaining. I don't think I have ever seen the word hipster used so many times, or see SO many people spell Alison's name wrong. "Marry me Allison". I wanted to tweet she is not going to marry someone who can't even spell her first name. I didn't do that, but I couldn't resist the temptation to participate.

(that's me second to the bottom)

We have an hour to kill (no pun intended. Sorry, that was bad. I know) before even the first band comes on and I am approached with "Aren't you Lea"? It must be the hat. I was confused for a moment, because I already know all my local area internet Jack-Fan friends. Celeste then tells me she drove in from Louisiana, because LA didn't have a Kills show on the tour! I love crazy people like me who take long road trips for music!! We catch up on our record store day finds and she fills me in on her recent trip to the holy grail, Third Man Records in Nashville, for the record store day festivities. It is always fun to the meet people who share my passions. I'm having a good time already and the first band hasn't even started.

(me and my new BFF Celeste)

Then at about 8PM, the first band goes on. I will refrain from mentioning their name or sharing my opinion, because mama always said, 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". Luckily when the bands were performing, the Twitter feed came down. I think that is a good thing. It would be disheartening as a band to be able to read the thoughts of the people in the audience as you perform.

About 9PM, the second band, Cold Cave, takes the stage. To be kind, in their defense, I am admittedly pretty closed minded about music. I like MY music. I like rock music. So, when they took the stage and I was transported back to 1985 and the new wave phenomenon, I couldn't see past the genre to actually see if they were talented or not. Sorry. I laughed when they finished and someone posted on the Twitter feed on the big screen, "I just saw Flock of Seagulls at @granadatheater". So true.

Then things started to get packed. This is when I decided I better get a drink now. Now or never. I'm glad I did decide to fight the good fight against the crowds, because it was then that I ran into my Jack-friends Leslie and Bethany. It was the only time I got to see them all night, but at least we got to talk for a minute.

Cathy held our spot while I made a run, but I still got the stink-eye from my fellow concert-goers as I try to reclaim my spot front stage center.

Things get sort of ugly before the show starts as a loud, probably drunk, high-pitched-screeching girl decides to throw a fit that her friend is not standing quite close enough to her. After about 10 minutes of screeching and a lot of biting tongues, my friend finally turns to her with simply a "REALLY?, REALLY?". My friend must be a bad-ass herself because that shuts them up enough for us to enjoy the start of the show.

I think the screeching girls friend felt bad about his friends bad behavior, because he tried to make peace by offering my friend a hit of his joint. Seriously? LOL! She, of course, rejects his peace offering. This again reminds me I am old.

The air is thick with excitement. Even the girl with the HOWL tattoo on her back looks excited.

(Me and Cathy having a howling good time)

The movie screen in pulled down so far covering the stage that you could only see the feet of the people walking around on the stage. I am scoping for Alison-type feet and legs but I don't see any just yet.

(Then the screen lifts and the magic begins...)

Hotel and VV take the stage and it is pure genius. Alison is wearing a leopard print shirt that blends into the leopard print stage background. She is like a leopard camouflaged in her surroundings waiting to pounce and let me tell you, she pounces.

Standing there with cramped feet and an aching back is the price I pay to capture the energy of a live show. This can only be experienced by standing in a crowded concert hall with soaking wet clothes and beer stained pant hems, living in the moment. No You-Tube video, no live stream or hi-def video share can recreate the live experience. As much as I love the albums, they can't compare being there. The passion, the connection between the two people on stage and their connection with the audience was nothing short of magical.

I took my share of pictures, but people filming continuously marked another change I have seen recently in my concert-going experiences. People are continuously updating FB, Twitter statuses, texting and sharing their pictures and videos. At one point in the night, I was standing in such close proximity to the "Howl" girl that I could see the texts from her mom asking her what time she would be home. "More black gadgets than faces", as Jack would say. But, I am not complaining. Those people filming at shows that I can't attend give me a glimpse into concerts that I won't be able to see otherwise.

When I told my sister I was tired this morning because I attended a concert last night she said, "I didn't know 30 somethings attended concerts anymore", but the truth is I will never outgrow the concert experience because one should NEVER grow out of loving music. The opportunity to see my favorite musicians as they pass through my town will always be a draw that I can't resist.

The Kills, well, killed it. I love their new album, Blood Pressures, and they performed most of it. They also played most (not all, but how could they?) of my favorites from past albums. I am so thankful for the opportunity to see them perform live. It has given me a whole new appreciation for the band. I always loved Alison, but now I can appreciate more of where she came from, the Kills, both Alison and Jamie, VV and Hotel, as a band.

The concert experience is changing, yes. But, it is becoming more interactive, more social and if possible, more fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Record Store Day Redeemed (sort of)

If you read my blog yesterday, you read through all my cry-babying about not getting my hands on any of the Third Man Records Record Store Day releases. The anticipation of getting up at the crack of dawn, then waiting in line for nearly an hour and a half, then not getting what I wanted felt devastating. I realize that it was NOT devastating, but it sure felt that way at the time. I eventually got over it for the most part, accepting reality and moving on. My heart still stung with jealously as I watched pictures of my friends success' roll through my Facebook feed all night. Happy for them. Sad for me.

Yesterday, since I was upset at my loss and the record store was insanely busy, I really didn't even spend the time looking for anything else. I quickly thumbed through the Record Store Day releases and didn't see anything I wanted more than I wanted to go home and sulk.

Today we decided to hit some other record stores and see what kinds of things they might have left over. I knew full well the White Stripes were long out of my grasp, but I wanted to see what else I could find. There were other releases that were not Jack White related that I was initially interested in, but the blow of disappointment clouded my decision making skills that day. I mean, I PUT DOWN the Karen Elson I had in my hand. I regretted doing that right away.

First stop on our mission, Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie. I have now decided this is truly my favorite record store in town. Their vinyl selection is INSANE and they have a lot of imports, bootlegs and out of prints that you just can't find anywhere else locally. I browse the box of leftover 7" records from Record Store Day and pull out the MCR picture disc. OK, my first official Record Store Day Release purchase. They also happen to have Midnight Boom and Keep on Your Mean Side from the Kills, so I pick those up for good measure. I feeling pretty good and slightly redeemed, so I suggest we try to hit some other record stores and peruse the left-overs.


I really didn't know any other stores on our side of town (I didn't want to drive into Dallas again this week-end), so a quick Google search on my phone brought me to Doc's Records and Vintage in Fort Worth. The place was so small and out of the way, we drove right past it the first time. Inside was mostly used records, but a big selection overall. They didn't have much left over from Record Store Day and this guy tells us they only had about 15 people lined up yesterday. Ah, a lesson learned for next year, hit the smaller lesser known Record Stores first. Russ buys a couple of used Big Band records and we head out. Then, the guy working at the store tells us the strangest thing. He said that The Movie Trading Company got the Record Store Day Releases. Now, the Movie Trading Company isn't exactly an independent record store. In fact, they have 12 locations just in Texas and more locations under a different name along the East Coast. It is one of those places and that buys and sells used DVD's and maybe CD's. I didn't even know they sold vinyl. I haven't been inside one of these stores in years. I almost didn't believe him. I almost didn't go.

This place is right around the corner from my house. Russ drives me down, but decided it is going to be a quick trip for me and waits in the truck. When I didn't come out after 10 minutes, he parks and comes in. Inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see a vinyl rack full of Record Store Day Releases. I don't see what I am looking for so I ask a store employee if they have any other vinyl and he says they only have what is on the rack where I am standing. They had a Killers picture disk from record store day 2009 and a Black Keys picture disk. As I am paying for my new purchases, I ask the girl behind the counter if they have any other vinyl. She also tells me no. This is when Russ walks in the store, captain of the obvious, and spots the small rack of 7" records by the registers. We can't believe our eyes. We start pulling out all the releases we missed out on at Good Records. They have it all. Well, not all (if you know what I mean), but way more than I expected.

Russ finds both the Rome featuring Jack White and the Karen Elson for me.


Then we keep pulling them out:
-- The Havana Affair performed by the Ramones (1976) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002)
-- Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely performed by Husker Du (1986) and Green Day (2000)
-- Love Hurts performed by Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels (1973) Jenny & Johnny (2010)
--Matt & Kim Block after Block

The funny thing is that the kids behind the counter had no idea what any of this was all about. To them, they received some vinyl and put it on the shelf. They had NO IDEA about Record Store Day or the limited edition vinyl. I told the guy I waited in line for 1.5 hours at Good and wasn't able to get any of this stuff. He told me they only received 2 of the Rome Record. You mean to tell me, I got up at the crack of dawn and drove into Dallas, when all I needed to do was go to Movie Trading Company at 10am, a mile from my house? No lines, no hype. I asked him to check for the White Stripes and he looked it up on the computer. He said they had one of each yesterday, but they were gone. He searched all the local stores and same story.


Record Store Day 2011 turned itself around and came out OK. I'm a bit poorer, but happy I added some new vinyl to our collection. I didn't get the releases of my beloved White Stripes, but I know there will always be something new and exciting with them. If I know anything about how Jack White runs his business, I know there will be other opportunities for White Stripes colored vinyl.

The irony is not lost on me, that I found this stuff at a chain store.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Record Store Day broke my heart

I am a grown woman. I know it sounds absurd to have a broken heart over records, but it happened. I realize people have REAL problems and REAL heartbreak, but that doesn't change the way I feel.

Record Store Day. April 16 2011. I anxiously wait for its arrival for several weeks. If you read my blog (and you should), you already know all about it. Third Man Records has limited edition releases including colored White Stripes reissues (also The Rome project featuring Jack White and a Karen Elson release. You know, Jack's wife). It is a pretty rare occasion that you can get these types of limited edition releases outside of Third Man Record shop in Nashville. I am excited for the opportunity. I call my favorite Dallas record store, Good Records, and they tell me they will have them.

I plan ahead. We plan to get up at 6am on Saturday morning, leave the house by 6:30 and arrive at Good at 7, one hour before opening. It didn't happen that way. The alarm goes off a six. My first mistake of the day was when I offer to my hubby (who isn't exactly thrilled to wake up early on Saturday morning to stand in line for something Jack White related), "How about we get up at 6:30, leave at 7?" He, of course, agrees and we happily snooze away for 30 more minutes. I'll file this one under, "Things I know now, that I wish I would have known yesterday".

Decked out in my Rolling Record Store shirt, we roll into Good Records at a few minutes before 7:30am and there are about 50 people in front of us. The line doesn't look too bad, as long as all those people in front of me aren't pining for the same thing that I am. I mean, there are A LOT of limited edition releases today, from all kinds of bands. It is VERY possible, most of those people don't even care about the White Stripes. I see some of my Jack-Vault friends in line in front of us. They have much better positioning, but they arrived at 7am (You know, like I planned to). The line builds QUICKLY behind us and before I know it, it is wrapped all the way around the block, probably a good 100 people, before the store even opens.

It is 8am and they open the doors. They decide to avoid a mad house and to let people enter the store 15 at a time. One limited edition release per person. This seems fair and I (not-so) patiently wait. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I see my Jack friends get in the door and I can see them pass by the window from outside with the red and white goodies in their hands. I am happy for them, and hoping still, I will be as lucky.

As my friends exit with their smiles and bags of vinyl, I look through their bags touching what I hope will be mine in a few short minutes. They reassure me that I should be fine, that there seemed to be plenty of White Stripes left.

At 8:45 or so, we finally get our turn in the store. I rush over to the 7" table, only to go from the happiest high of finally getting in, to the lowest low of lows realizing the empty slots behind the cardboard White Stripes placeholders. They are all gone. My heart sinks. I try to find reassurance in the other releases. Rome is also sold out. I pick up a Karen Elson, which honestly at this time feels like a consolation prize. I look at the mile long line for the register and the $15.99 price tag on the back of a 7" record and I am crushed. I honestly felt like I could cry, but I had to remind myself "You are 36 years old! You can't cry over records!" But honestly, I felt that physical sensation of a broken heart that I haven't felt since my dog died in 2006. Ridiculous? Right? Trust me, I know! I have no idea how I have formed such an emotional attachment.

I walk out of the store empty handed. My friends are waiting for me outside. I feel bad now, because at the time I was disappointed and sad and I just wanted to leave. Now that I am calmed down, I wish I could have stayed and caught up with them for a few minutes. (Sorry Leslie!)

The ride home is when I realize the fact that, if we would have got up at 6am like we planned, I would have walked away with everything I wanted. My sweet husband tries to cheer me up with a hug and with some humor. He was nice for letting me work through my disappointment and not calling me out for acting like a 12 year old who doesn't get their way.

Russ pulls into a gas station and says, "Since you are so lucky today, let's buy a couple scratch off lottery tickets". He probably figured the only thing that would cheer me up right then would be to win a million dollars and he would take his chances. I scratched three tickets and won $3. Russ scratched two and won $0. Sure, NOW, I am lucky. Just think of all the money that is still sitting in my bank account right now that would have been long gone had I bought all those records. I tried to reassure myself with these thoughts.

I call another record store in town, Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie, and I found out that they didn't open until 10. However, they tell me by now they have a line wrapped around the store and the guy on the phone doesn't think the White Stripes releases will last long enough for me to get there. Again, if I knew yesterday what I know today, I just would have went there in the first place. It is a less popular record store that opened later. But, I guess you can't live in the past.

So, we decide to celebrate Record Store Day for what it was intended. It is not just about getting our grubby hands on collectible vinyl, it is about supporting and celebrating the local record store. Sheesh, Have we all forgot about the true meaning of the holiday already? Seriously though, Its not all about the getting, its about giving back. We decide to visit a newly established record store called Mad World Records in Denton, TX. We called and the owner let us know that they were not able to get any of the Record Store Day releases. He said the releases are all distributed through the Record Store Day people and they told him flat out the records are distributed first to the record stores that they like best. So, BIG independent record stores like Amobea and Good Records get the releases, but the small new guy couldn't get anything this time. zip.

We decide this is the record store that needs supporting today. So, we make the trek to good 'ole Denton, Texas. This was a nice store with a friendly owner and decent vinyl section. I was still pouting from my loss and couldn't find the joy in anything else, but Russ picked up a record and we met a friend for lunch. I still couldn't quite make eye contact with with the White Stripes poster on the record store wall.

We hit an antique mall in town and this record made me smile for the first time since my disappointment. I know I'll be fine. Life goes on, even without colored vinyl.

To read the some-what happy ending to my story, read my blog titled "Record Store Day Redeemed (sort of)".

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank You Jack White

I genuinely feel sorry for people who love musicians other than the one that I love. Let's pretend for a moment that you are a sad misguided soul who loves Creed. You love Scott Stapp. You live and breathe for the next Creed album, their next tour. You log countless internet hours doing Google, you-tube,and Twitter searches for the latest news, interviews, videos and gossip. I know this is probably difficult to comprehend, but bear with me, I have a point. I purposely used the worst rock band I could think of, to demonstrate the contrast. If you are a Creed fan, what do you get? At best, an new album every two years, followed by a world tour. If you are lucky, one show, one night in your town. Sure, you get non-stop radio airplay on every alternative radio station in the nation, but is that enough for a superfan?

Creed is the worst band in the world.

Maybe I'm not the average superfan. Perhaps, I am spoiled by my favorite artist. Third Man Records owner Jack White is an active band member of the Dead Weather, the Raconteurs and until very recently (sadly), the White Stripes. With three bands and 10 albums under his belt with just these bands, Jack White is arguably the hardest working guy in the music business. There is never a dull moment for a Jack White fan.

First of all, there is the Third Man Records subscription service, the Vault. If you are a Vault member, for $60 a quarter, you can occasionally participate in video and text chats with none other than Jack himself. You automatically receive a limited edition vinyl package in the mail, usually including three components: a previously unreleased double LP of a Third Man Artist that can't be bought anywhere else, a 7" rarity and maybe a t-shirt or DVD or postcards. Every three months, I anxiously wait to hear the announcement of the next package. Then, I routinely stalk my mailman until it arrives. Does a Creed or Lady Gaga fan have this kind of regular, quarterly, release of new tangible, possibly collectible material? I think not.

But, you don't have to shell out the $20 bucks a month as a Vault member to enjoy what Third Man Records has to offer. Although it helps. Have you SEEN this quarters package? Previously unreleased, limited White Stripes? Yes. It's to die for.

Although the excitement is continuous, it is easiest to just tell you about the things so far in 2011. Mostly recently, TMR announced their plans for Record Store Day 2011. They are re-issuing 2 White Stripes seven inches on swirly vinyl. Plus, if you happen to be in Nashville that day (and managed to get tickets) you can catch Jerry Lee Lewis with Jim Keltner on drums right there at the Third Man Venue! You can almost guarantee that Jack will join on stage for at least one song.

In March, Third Man Records unveiled the Third Man Rolling Record store at SXSW with promises to hit the road all over the country. Does it look like a rolling banana? Maybe. Is it getting vinyl into the hands of kids (and adults alike) who can't get to Nashville to visit the original Third Man Records shop? Definitely. Jack made a surprise appearance at South By this year and played 2 songs for a couple hundred VERY lucky fans who were at the right place at the right time.

Jack produced the new album from icon Wanda Jackson's "The party Ain't Over". Earlier this year her tour featured Jack on guitar at the New York and LA shows. I can tell you from experience, it was amazing to witness.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, The Rome project with Danger Mouse featuring Jack White vocals will be released in May. Keep in mind this is only the beginning, a mere four months into the year. I can only imagine what comes next.

It seems every couple months there is something new and thrilling coming out of Third Man. Every time I turn around, there is an announcement of a new album, a new limited edition release, a new collaboration with an icon, or a new up and coming band produced by Jack White. I have to admit, Jack White is a marketing genius. I don't know exactly how he turned me into a vinyl collector. But, he did. He knows just how to keep his fans engaged, excited and willing to buy. I am guilty as any.

Thank you Jack White.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Foo Fighters - "Back and Forth" Documentary

The first time I heard about the Foo Fighters Documentary "Back and Forth" is when we were planning our trip to Austin for South By to see the Third Man Rolling Record Store. Unfortunately, like most of the things I was interested in attending that day, it was not playing on the one particular day we were in town. I was disappointed because I love rock documentaries. I find the stories behind the bands very intriguing. Netflix has a slew of them and I even enjoy the ones from crappy bands that I never heard of before (Anvil). I even enjoy Rock Docs that don't star Jack White. Shocking, I know. Oops, I promised my hubby I would "try" to get through a blog about the Foo Fighters without mentioning the completely unrelated Jack White. Damn, That was twice.

Last night I was scrolling my Facebook feed and there was a link to the documentary trailer that mentioned the movie was playing in select cities for one day only (April 5th), followed by a live concert. I click the link to the theaters and to my surprise it would only be playing in five theaters across the entire state of Texas and one of them happens to be five minutes from my house.

(watch the trailer here...but finish reading the blog first)

My hubby is not a big fan of movie theaters. Let me rephrase that, my hubby is not a big fan of the people that populate movie theaters. We haven't been to a theater together in probably 5 years. We are Netflix people. However, he is a drummer and a big Dave Grohl fan (and Taylor Hawkins), so despite his disdain of the movie theater crowd, he was on board for this one.

He calls the theater first thing Tuesday morning to inquire about purchasing tickets. We were not sure if this limited, one day, one time only release would sell out or if anyone even knew about it. We decided to play it safe and get tickets early. The lady on the phone tells him they are having trouble with the projector and they are not even sure if they would be able to broadcast the show that night, so she wouldn't sell him the tickets. She advised him to call back at 2PM when they would have a better idea. My hubby is obedient and calls at 2PM, only to be informed that they have already sold out.

Luckily of the 5 showings in Texas, two of them are in Fort Worth. He calls the 2nd place about 30 minutes away and they let him purchase the tickets for $20 bucks a pop over the phone. Phew.

After rushing home from work, we head down to Fort Worth to catch dinner and cheat on our diets before the show.


It was scheduled to start at 8:01 PM.

It didn't. We wait. About 8:10 the theater employees show up to tell us that nothing is wrong, everything is working, that they are just waiting for the broadcast to begin. I assume this means that they didn't actually have a tape reel, but were streaming the movie and concert.

At 8:15 when the show has still not started yet, this lady gets up to leave and loudly announces that she is leaving because she already knows all about the Foo Fighters and she was alive when Nirvana was together. My thoughts were two fold. A. Who cares? B. Why did you come here in the first place? (OK, three fold) C. Wasn't everyone alive long enough to remember when Nirvana was together? This made me realize that I am officially old. You are old when you were around to experience something iconic that young(er) people can only hear about. Nirvana is a perfect example of that. I can tell the story of where I was standing when I first heard about Kurt Cobain.(i.e. grocery store, State College, PA). My great grand kids will be on the edge of their seat for that story someday. Guy in line at grocery store: "Did you hear that Kurt Cobain died?" Me: "No, Wow!". The end. Epic story, I know.

8:20 the movie finally starts with a message to save your 3D glasses for the live concert following the movie. The beginning of the movie gives the history of Dave Grohl and his experience drumming with Nirvana and his dealing with Kurt's death. He said he started Foo Fighters because he didn't want to be remembered as this guy who played drums in Nirvana.

Did you know he recorded the entire first self titled Foo Fighters album all by himself? He recorded all the instruments himself, wrote and sang all the songs. Impressive. Obviously he had guys to go on tour with him to play the live shows, but the recording is all him. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best.

The documentary mainly focused on the revolving door of band members. I didn't remember that the band members changed as much as they did. I didn't remember there was another drummer before Taylor Hawkins. I've always been a fan of him as the drummer (mainly because of my hubby's influence) and I didn't remember he was drumming for Alanis Morissette before joined the Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl has a good sense of humor and is a good story teller, so he kept us chuckling throughout. At times, during some of the interview parts, he seemed less like a rock star and more like a nice, sensitive, Dad-type. I guess he probably IS a nice, sensitive, Dad-type these days, as illustrated in the movie with the family scenes with his wife and little girls.

This was definitely not a "Behind the Music" type documentary of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Besides a short mention of Taylor Hawkins' struggles with drugs and some talk about getting drunk before playing those huge live stadium shows, the rock 'n roll lifestyle was hardly mentioned.

Dave Grohl also talks about how they recorded their latest album using reel to reel tape recording. You know, analog. The old fashion way. In Dave's basement. Sound familiar? Sounds like another big name artist I know, who I wont mention (again). Maybe this is a new trend. Less Pro Tools, More real (no pun intended). Interesting.

All in all it was an engaging interesting story for any Foo Fighters Fan, even one like me who hasn't purchased an album since "One by One" (2002). Its not that I lost love for the Foo Fighters. I will always be a fan of that straight forward Rock 'n Roll style. You know, not quite hard enough to be classified as hard rock, usually classified in that mysterious "alternative" genre that begs the question..."Alternative to what"? I admit that they seemed to have lost their edge these past few years, but I love the melodic verses that bleed into the screaming chorus' with heavy guitars and drums, which is the Foo Fighters classic formula. For me, it is a winner every time.

(everyone looks super cool in 3D glasses)

The documentary is over and a message comes on the screen that the live concert will begin in 5 minutes. When it starts, I put on my 3D glasses, but this is not the concert I was expecting. It appears it is being filmed in a small studio. I found the 3D to be distracting and gimmicky. They had background images that came forward with the 3D glasses and this one shot of Taylor Hawkins side view where his crash cymbal was seemingly extending into the audience. It kind of gave me a headache and I eventually took off the glasses and watched a slightly blurry screen with more satisfaction. They played the entire "Wasting Light" album live. I have my doubts if it was actually live (as advertised) or a recording of live performance, but none the less it was mostly enjoyable.

I'll leave you with this quote from Dave Grohl. "Honestly, had I taken this whole career thing seriously, I would have named it something else. Worst (expletive) band name ever".

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Record Store Day 2011

I love records. Therefore, I LOVE Record Store Day. This year Record Store Day falls on April 16th. This is only the 2nd year that I will be celebrating, but apparently it has been going on since 2007. I’m just a little late to the party (as usual). Are you?


Record Store day is celebrated on third Saturday of April and hundreds of independent record stores around the country (the world?) will be participating in the celebration. Record stores will be having parties, live performances and special RSD releases. Snacks Perhaps? Don't be greedy. One can only hope. All of this is meant to bring together the local music community and promote the (sadly dwindling) independent record store. In other words, Don’t expect Best Buy to have a party in their 1ft vinyl section, I mean shelf. (They better not anyway).

I could tell you all about it, or you could just go to and read all about it for yourself, and then I can get to my point.

I have two favorite record stores in Dallas/Fort Worth. One being Good Records on Greenville Ave in Dallas and the other is Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie.

Good Records recently announced their lineup of bands playing from 11am to 11pm plus tons of vinyl releases. To my surprise and delight they announced they will have the limited edition releases from my beloved Third Man Records.

You can you watch the guys at Third Man tell you about them here. Although, I wont make it to Nashville this year, I hope to pick up these releases at good old Good Records.

These types of swirly and rose petal limited edition releases are usually only available from the Third Man Records store in Nashville, TN (or by the luck of the draw with a random mail order). My hubby will undoubtedly be with me in line at 8am on Saturday at Good Records with bells on. After all, the drive into Dallas is a heck of a lot shorter than the one to Nashville.


Reissue of the White Stripes second single from 1998. Limited quantities available on white/black swirled vinyl.
7'' vinyl single, fold-over picture sleeve in poly bag

A Lafayette Blues 2:14
B Sugar Never Tasted So Good 2:55


Reissue of the White Stripes first ever release from 1998. Limited quantities available on red/black swirled vinyl.
7'' vinyl single, fold-over picture sleeve in poly bag

A Let's Shake Hands 2:03
B Look Me Over Closely 2:17


Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi/Jack White/Norah Jones. I'm excited for this one!

The debut release from the highly-anticipated ROME project produced by Danger Mouse in conjunction with Daniele Luppi. Jack White wrote the lyrics and sings on ''Two Against One'' and Norah Jones takes the vocal duties for ''Black.'' Many of the instrumentalists on the album recorded with Ennio Morricone for his classic spaghetti-Western soundtracks.



Custom made, clear vinyl single with peach-colored rose petals INSIDE the record.

A cover of the Lou Reed classic backed with an unbelievably visceral outtake from Elson's ''The Ghost Who Walks'' LP. Limited to 1000 copies.
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