Sunday, April 14, 2013

I am Going to Third Man Records for Record Store Day 2013

Excuse me for a moment while I blow the dust off of this blog. It has been awhile, hasn't it? It seems these days, my blogging focus has been over on my Running with Ollie Blog, and I only post here when I have something really important to share...and oh boy, do I have something to share!

I am going to Third Man Records for Record Store Day 2013!

It was a last minute, completely irrational, too expensive, not-well-thought-out decision.  I decided to go based solely on emotions and possibilities.  You know what I mean.  After all, there are absolutely no guarantees that Jack will show his face on that day, but the admittedly very slim possibility that he might was enough for me to throw caution to the wind and do something that goes against just about everything I am: Responsible, frugal, and mostly importantly to this story, introverted.

Hubby is staying home. First of all, his band, The Dangits, is playing the Dallas International Guitar Festival on April 20th. He is simply not available for a week-end excursion. And if he was, the last minute plane ticket cost was just too high for someone who really didn't want to be there. After all, hubby loves me, Jack White, not so much. (Although I think he secretly loves Jack White and only fakes his annoyance to tease me.)

Was I going to Nashville alone? Well sort of.  I mean, yes, I am going alone. After all, I don't know anyone quite as crazy into Jack White as me. Sure, I have local friends who would be down for a (better planned out) road trip or a concert, but a last minute expensive week-end trip? Not really.

But I won't be alone. It may sound slightly strange, (it sounds strange for me to say) but I have online friends that will going. People that just like me, perfectly sane full-grown-adults with real lives, families, and jobs, dropping everything to camp out in front of a record store in Nashville. Yes, you heard me right. I said, perfectly sane adults. There are people that I have been talking to online for years, bonding over our mutual Jack White and general music love. One of those online friends was the one to push me over the edge, she runs the blog and Facebook page, Dead Weather Denver. Her excitement fueled mine. If she can do it, why can't I...and the wheels started turning..

What if I just look up how much a plane ticket would cost, what harm is there in that?

$630? Woah. Expensive, but out of reach? Not necessarily. This is life. Do exciting things that make you happy. Live it. What is $630 in the grand scheme of things? I wasn't buying a plane ticket, I was buying an experience.

My emotions went for a  roller coaster ride today...

First, the excitement. Am I actually considering going to Third Man Records for Record Store Day? So exciting to have the chance to be there.

The waiting and anticipation, I had to clear it with my husband first, of course, and then my boss that it was OK I take a vacation day on Friday, before I book an expensive plane ticket.

Then, when everything was a go, there was the excitement of purchasing the ticket, I rode that high for at least a couple of hours.  

Then reality hit me. Wait. What am I doing? Who am I? Don't I know myself better than this? Am I going to have fun? I'm going to camp out overnight with virtual strangers? Meet new people? Make new friends? This isn't like me. Not at all.  I am an introvert, who socializes freely behind my blog and social media, but sometimes feels uncomfortable in social situations. I had a mini panic attack. I wished my husband was coming with me, I wished my best friend was. Can I do this alone? Why am I freaking out?

What if they don't like me? What if I don't like them? Who will I hang out with? Will I feel like I am tagging along? Will I know what to do, where to go? Will it be worth it?

I booked a hotel room although I had a very very nice offer to share with some online friends. I know myself well enough to know if things are chaotic, (and they probably will be) that I will need some alone time to decompress.

Hubby talked me down off the ledge. He reminded me that I love Third Man Records. I never have trouble connecting/socializing with people who share my passions (ever! I can talk Jack White or running to anyone.) This is an amazing once in a life time opportunity. So maybe I'd get really lucky and catch a glimpse of Jack, maybe he would even perform, maybe I'd get a second chance to shake his hand... but then again, maybe not.

I can't put my week-end hopes on Jack. It is hit or miss, for sure. I have to plan on the fact that I most likely won't see him. I will have a good time either way, hanging out in Nashville with my online friends, bonding over our mutual love, buying vinyl, and taking in the experience.

I'm excited...I think...  :)

Who is going with me? 


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  1. Excellent post Lea! It's cool you're taking the leap of faith and jumping right into the fun!! Can't wait to finally meet you! :D

    Vel, perfectly sane adult ;)


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