Saturday, February 19, 2011

Action Figures

If you know me, you probably know my husband has a rather large toy collection. His ever growing collection mostly consists of Star Wars toys, Hot Wheels and Action Figures (never to be referred to as dolls). In his action figure collection there is a variety of music figures: Jimmy Page, Joey Ramone, a couple of varieties of Kurt Cobain (Courtney Love allowed that?), Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten, Lemmy, Ozzy, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, Ice T (pre Law and Order, I assume), KISS, Slash, Jimi Hendrix and yes, even a collection of Devo dolls (I mean action figures).


So, if you know me AT ALL, you probably know where this is heading. Where is my Jack White action figure? I think a Jack and Meg dual set would be killer. Of course, Jack and his dang integrity would probably never want to put himself out there that way. So, I am left to my own devices and imagination. This idea has been dancing around in my head for years. What if I create my own Jack and Meg Action figures? After all, I have a red and white guitar Christmas tree ornament that is approximately Barbie size, that could be an accessory. All I need now is a barbie for Meg and a boy barbie doll that looks like Jack. Meg should be relatively easy, find a black hair barbie, pop in some pig tails and the distract away from the fact that she doesn't look like her in the face with a nice red beret. Those action figures never look the same in the face anyway. Just spice up a white drum set figurine with a peppermint swirl and its done. Now Jack will be little harder to recreate. Ken is traditionally too blond and um...tan. Of course you can buy brown hair Ken, but they are typically buff, blue eyed and well...tan.

This one is a bit too "pretty"

The hair is closer on this one. LOL! But not the right ethnicity to be Jack.

I got exicted about this one, then I realized it was probably just the top hat

Still not Quite right, maybe if I dyed his hair and eyes.

Getting Warmer, at least the facial hair is close. But this is supposed to be a Japanese man.


It did occur to me today that some of my millions of readers (ha ha) may not know about the White Stripes or what look I am going for here (Gasp! Shocking I know!). So I decided to share my inspiration for this project.


So, I doubt my little project will ever take off due to its ludicrous nature. Never mind the fact that I cant sew and I doubt the red and black leg pants are available in the Barbie doll accessory section at Wal-Mart.


UPDATE 09-25-11
I found someone who made one! Gosh I wish this was for sale!

You can view it on the web site here

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  1. They sure got that scowling look of Jack's correct on that doll!
    I've been waiting for WS action figures for years now...sigh...Love them both.


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